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Self Catering? Time to optimise the web!

In the wake of the Glossy Brochure, Web Based Marketing is Now Maturing in this Growing Sector….

One established Highlands based company, who rent holiday lodges, stopped printing their glossy brochures a couple of years ago.

They are never needed now (all and information & photos are online).

With much wider and growing internet access we’ve recently started to help clients sell self catering holiday accommodation over the web.  Last year we worked with a few Northern clients to help them use the latest tools.  Early feedback is good, with bookings being returned directly from the new sites in addition to increased telephone enquiries.

Importantly, all the website development work has been paid back!

If you have a self catering offering you’ll appreciate that using the web is now essential.

For secure future business you need your own web presence, tailored for Google, Yahoo and Microsoft search tools, with good referral sites.  We believe you may also need to look to introducing sponsorship listings, following business feedback direct from the site.

The good news is – if used effectively, this is all great value and very low cost to set up*.

Partnership Solutions are based in the North of Scotland.  We prefer to meet our clients to discuss the best use of the web on an individual basis and we can tailor the solution to the needs of your business and the size of your offering and budget (big or small).  This also takes into account the stage in your business’ own development – whether you have a new cottage, established lodges or old converted house to rent for holidays, for example.

So what can we do to help?

What does it cost? & Why DO IT?

This is a new medium so it is not straightforward or necessarily obvious to understand the optimum design for your site, design rules have changed since the old glossy flyer.

More important than quality and impact of layout and design, you need to get seen first!

You need to get ‘HITS!’ as we IT people call it.

More importantly, you need to get seen by genuine prospects for your specific rental.  

In the case of holiday accommodation, this is often people who want to come to the area for a specific purpose.  You can’t sell all the benefits of your area yourself on one site but you can help with local digital map based marketing and, just as crucial, get the benefits of other local, more established sites of interest with ‘clickable’ links to get to you easily.

As you’ll know, from your existing web presences (you are there somewhere!) it is not just the pretty pictures and the well considered words you need to encourage enquiries, you need to be found easily and then stand out from the crowd!

But, the good news is, all the cottage rental clients we’ve launched recently have lots of hits, and generated direct enquiries that have paid for the work we’ve done.  In all recent cases the payback rental value has been achieved before we finished the work!  They’ll all go on to bring in more business, with a very low annual renewal costs, whilst we monitor the performance** for them and suggest the occasional modification/update.


* Sites as featured on this page start upwards from £350 including design, development and editorial advice, although at this level you’d need to be driving the project and providing the text and photos.  We’d tailor it for SEO with analytics set up for monitoring as standard.  We can arrive at a budget quote fairly quickly after a short meeting to cover your options.

** For a low cost annual retainer (proportional and in keeping with your size of site) we’ll stay available, online and keep performance figures for you to review as often as you like.  This means you can see for yourself how many ‘hits’ you are getting and, more importantly, where these are coming from and what internet search terms are people using to find your details.  With a little care and attention your site will grow to become more effective over time delivering increasing numbers of enquiries and bookings.

We’ve come a long way from the glossy flyer placed in a rack at the local tourist office!

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